Ready solutions for any scale cloud creation

Fault-tolerant and scalable cloud based on OpenStack® 

We have developed a "turnkey solution", which includes a significant part of the equipment, IT-infrastructure applications
 and enterprise security systems

What problems do we solve?

  • We could help to avoid expensive licenses of VMware, Citrix, Microsoft (Hyper-V);
  • TIONIX.VDI module allows to organize infrastructure of virtual workplaces (VDI);
  • TIONIX.KeySystem module allows to provide an import substitution of all enterprise infrastructure;
  • TIONIX DataCenter is a mini Data Center, which allows to refuse of the usage of expensive branded equipment, saving the level of stability and of fault-tolerance.
  • TIONIX.CloudControl module provides high accessibility of VM and applications;
  • TIONIX.NodeControl module provides high accessibility of computing nodes, and also optimizes usage of Data Center electric power.

Our team offers you:

  • Understandable and simple documentation in Russian;
  • Technical support 24/7;
  • Highly qualified expert can help you to carry out an audit of infrastructure;
  • The best variant of implementation of a corporate private cloud.

For whom we work?

Corporate cloud platform TIONIX OpenStack allows to satisfy needs of following segment of companies: 

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  • Huge companies;
  • Oil companies;
  • Banks;
  • Government agencies.

Our customers:

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